Meet Abhishek Ajaysinh Desai : Youngest SneakerHead of India.

abhi sneaker1

The collectible sneaker market started as a small group of fashion-forward hobbyists and grew to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Behind this new market, the category was a group oabhisneaker3f protagonists called Sneakerheads.

An Indian boy who started his gaming career at the age of 5 named Abhishek Desai, son of a leading businessman from Kolhapur Mr Ajaysinh Desai. Abhishek has taken part in many esports tournaments and has never lost anyoneof them. Abhishek has a YouTube channel with over 5000+ subscribers and has problems, but he managed to get the victory and then started earning, and he built his dream computer by his own money 5000+ followers on Instagram.



Abhishek is the best and the youngest lan player in the city won his first championship in 2014 in a local tournament. Abhishek started playing csgo online from home first and the youngest kid to reach global elite from India and played esl in 2019 and started to focus on his Sneaker collection and bought his first yeezy. Later Abhishek bought some more yeezys and then started focusing on air jordan 1 and has more than 30 air jordan 1. Abhishek’s favourite pair is air jordan 1 fearless highs focusing to be the biggest hypebeast in India.