Rankala Lake


Situated in the Kolhapur city of Maharashtra, Rankala Lake is a beautiful lake that brags of peaceful and quiet environs. A man-made lake, Maharaja Shri Shahu Chhatrapati, developed it during his rule over the city. The lake is accepted to be connected legitimately with a well in the Panhala Fort. It is additionally said that Shivaji Maharaj himself crossed the lake, from the well. In the present occasions, Rankala Lake fills in as a well-known excursion spot for the inhabitants of Kohlapur, where they come to spend at some point altogether. At some point back, the metropolitan partnership of the city constructed the Padpath Udyan, to effectively provide a lakeside walk. The lake stands encompassed by the chowpati, alongside different nurseries and pathways. The zone that includes the Rankala Lake was changed over into a nursery, and it is by all accounts specked with slows down and peddlers selling road nourishment like bhelpuri, ragda patis, simmered corns and different delightful bites. One can likewise go for horse riding or drifting at the lake. 


To the extent the historical backdrop of Rankala Lake is concerned, it was mainly a stone quarry before the eighth century. In any case, the region around this spot was shaken up by a seismic tremor around the ninth century, which prompted a type of characteristic auxiliary change in the quarry. An underground wellspring of water got opened due to the earthquake, which brought about the gathering of water in the quarry. Afterward, Maharaja Shri Shahu Chhatrapati got the lake developed at a similar site where the quarry once stood. 

Arranged on the banks of the Rankala Lake is a sanctuary, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. It has an enormous statue of Nandi Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva. It is said that the statue of Nandi moves towards the lake for a separation of a single wheat grain consistently and inevitably, returns towards the sanctuary, covering a similar separation. Individuals state that the day the icon arrives at the lake, the entire world will get wrecked. Other significant attractions arranged close to the Rankala Lake are Sandhya Math, Shalani Palace, Padmaraje Garden, and so forth. 


It is encompassed by chowpati, different nurseries, and pathways. The territory surrounding the lake has been changed over into a nursery where individuals sell Bhel-Puri, Ragda Patis, and various mouth-watering snacks like cooked corns and so forth. Rankala is additionally renowned for horse riding and drifting. The Shalini Palace remains on the west bank of the lake. It is worked of complicatedly cut dark stone and Italian marble. As of late, the castle is currently changed over into a lodging. 

Today the lake is confronting the issue of sewage contamination because of the release of nullahs from neighborhoods close by. Event of green growth species since the most recent three years has driven worry in psyches of Rankala sweethearts in the city. Lake is turning green since 2011 in August as this year too. KMC (Kolhapur Municipal Corporation) is endeavoring hard to adapt up to eutrophication. The issue of contamination is disturbed by guests as they toss into the lake.