Tourist places near Kolhapur

1. Jotiba Temple

In the wake of vanquishing Kolhasur and different fallen angels; the Goddess of wellbeing, riches, and flourishing Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) chose to settle in Kolhapur (Karveer). For the total resistance of her realm, she named four gatekeepers at the four sides of Kolhapur (Karveer). Among these four watches, the most significant is Jotiba, to whom Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) delegated at the northern side. Jotiba is even known as Kedareshwar. .Almighty; God Jotiba; is the lord of the southern area; hence known as “Dakkahancha Raja.” In this site, we are going to attempt our most ideal for distributing the most critical data about Jotiba. The references are from Kedarvijay, Laxmivijay, Karveermahatmya, and so on acclaimed and the most bona fide written works accessible today. Consistently on Chaitra Shuddha 11th, for example, on the event of “Ekadashi,” a large number of fans assemble on Jotiba slope. They commend their delight of visiting God Jotiba by hitting the dance floor with the enormous sticks; known as Sasankathi. Nowadays, in the wake of adoring god Jotiba, and in the wake of looking his imperial effortlessness, the delight of the considerable number of fans is challenging to portray in words.
Arriving:17 km from Kolhapur.

2. The Narsinhwadi (Narsobachi Wadi)

Shri Narsinh Saraswati, who is an avatar (manifestation) of Lord Dattatraya, lived here for a long time.
Here Lord Dattatreya is as his ‘Paduka’ arranged underneath an Umber tree, which symbolizes nearness of ruler Dataatrya there.

“Narsobachi Wadi” is additionally famous for Brinjal, Cucumber, Corn that is quite exceptionally delicious because of the way that they are developed on the bank of waterway Krishna. Likewise, remember to purchase Pedhe/Pedha, Kavath(Limonia) Barfi, and Basundi, which are viewed as best of Maharashtra for its taste and quality.
Arriving: 55 km towards east from Kolhapur

3. Bahubali of Kumbhojgiri

Bahubali slope sanctuaries are found 27-km south of Kolhapur on Bahubali Hills, which are famously known as “Kumbhojgiri.” It is a mainstream site revered by the two Hindus and Jains. A Celibacy Resort was built up here in 1935 and named after the sage Bahubali, who interceded here around 300 years prior.
Arriving: Bahubali Hill Temples are found 27 km south of Kolhapur.

4. Vishalgad

The name Vishalgad itself hints greatness and eminence. This beautiful post houses the Amriteshwar Temple, Takmak Tok, Sati Vrindavan, and the dargah or tomb of Hazrat Malikdhyan Baba, visited by many aficionados.
Arriving: Vishalgad is 76 km toward the north-west of Kolhapur.

5. Khidrapur

It is toward the east of Kolhapur, old and creative on the bank of the Krishna. It was worked in the 11-12 century by Shilahar. In, the inside, we first observe Vishnu (Dhopeshwar) and Shivaling confronting north. Yet, there is no Nandi who has separate Mandir. Separate Actor-Pendal, corridor, old columns, carvings of divine beings, and male-female specialists in different postures are appealing. The roof is semi-roundabout with matchless etchings. Outwardly, complete ‘Shivaleelamrit’ is cut.
Arriving: From Kolhapur, distance is 60-65 Kms to east.